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    Akira Tozawa, Cedric Alexander, Jack Gallagher and Drew Gulak.Credit:

    The cruiserweight division has seen a few Superstars show up on Raw in recent weeks, but unfortunately, they have not been used in any matches. 

    Drew Gulak, Drake Maverick and Lio Rush have all showed up on Raw in one way or another, but the 205 Live GM had the most prominent role as the manager of The Authors of Pain.

    He kicked off Tuesday's show by announcing two matches. Gulak and Jack Gallagher teamed up to take on Akira Tozawa and Cedric Alexander while Buddy Murphy faced Gran Metalik.

    The King of the Ropes defeated Tony Nese last week, so Murphy was looking to get revenge for his friend and tag team partner.

    Let's take a look at what happened on this week's episode of 205 Live.

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    Gran Metalik defeated Tony Nese on last week's show.Women's Converse All Taylor 132169C Men's 6 8 White 5 Men's HI Chuck Star 5 US Shoe OOpxnrHCredit:

    Murphy and Metalik have never had a singles match before, but they quickly established a chemistry that helped them look like old rivals.

    The first few exchanges were simple takedowns and counters, but the Australian Superstar nailed Metalik with a stiff forearm to amp things up. 

    This wasn't as fast-paced as Metalik vs. Nese was last week, but it had a better flow because they let each move look painful instead of recovering immediately to get to the next spot.

    Both men threw everything they had at each other to make an exciting contest, but only one man could walk away with his hand raised.

    Murphy picked up the win and added another show-stealing performance to his resume. 


    Grade: A-


    Notes and Highlights

    • Gold Trotters Dress Gigi Pump Women's The Lucha House Party refuses to coordinate its outfits to look more like a team. 
    • Maverick banned Nese, Kalisto and Lince Dorado from the ringside area.
    • Metalik hit a nice moonsault from the top turnbuckle to the floor.
    • Metalik is one of the most underrated performers on the 205 Live roster. He needs something more substantial to do. 
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    Mustafa Ali returned to the ring after being out for a month due to injuries suffered at the hands of Hideo Itami, and his first match back was against a jobber.

    Itami came out to taunt Ali from the stage, but The Heart and Soul of 205 Live didn't seem to let it get to him as he quickly took control of his opponent.

    After a few of his signature moves, Ali finished off the enhancement talent with the 054. It was a typical squash match. 


    Pump Dress Women's Gigi Trotters Gold Grade: C-


    Notes and Highlights

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    Cedric Alexander and Drew Gulak.Credit:

    Gallagher and Gulak have been aligned for a couple of months, so they have had a chance to create some chemistry as a team. Alexander and Tozawa, on the other hand, are not as familiar with each other.

    While they were able to get in some decent offense early on, Gallagher and Gulak used their technical ability and teamwork to control most of the action.

    Putting the champion in the main event is almost always a good idea, but in this case, Murphy and Metalik should have closed the show while the tag match opened it.

    All four men helped make the second half more fun than the first, but it still felt like they were holding back until the last few minutes. After dispatching Alexander, Gulak scored the win over Tozawa with the Gulock.  


    Grade: B


    Gold Women's Pump Gigi Dress Trotters Notes and Highlights

    • Gallagher went back to using simple trunks instead of the green tights he has been wearing for months. 
    • Trotters Gigi Dress Pump Women's Gold Alexander has one of the top five dropkicks in WWE. 
    • Tozawa's opponents always sell his jab like they were hit by Mike Tyson.
    • Alexander's Spanish Fly is a thing of beauty. 
    • Tozawa's head hit Gallagher in the face when he did the suicide dive. 
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